100 members must be reached by 9/18/22. Initial deposit of $350 paid at time of sign up. Additional $150 will automatically be charged on 9/19/22 ONLY IF 100 member goal not reached.

No other discounts are valid on this promotional price.

Welcome to the Bicycle Barn!


2022/23 season dates:

October 31, 2022 - APRIL 29, 2023

Get to know the Bicycle Barn with our Free Trial – good for three classes during a one-week period. Click the button above to get started.

Bike Maintenance Expectations For Indoor Riding

Please be sure to tune up and clean your bike before bringing it into the studio. Indoor training is just as hard on your bike as riding outside. Occasional service during the indoor season is recommended and encouraged. 

Membership Packages



• Unlimited Riding

• RSVP for classes 10 days in advance

• Bike Storage + Towel Service

• Free bike fit and maintenance seminars




• 3 Weekday Classes (No weekends)

• RSVP for classes 7 days in advance

• Bike Storage + Towel Service

• Free bike fit and maintenance seminars


Month-to-Month Membership


$125 per month

   • Unlimited riding

   • Includes bike storage + towel service

Drop-In Rates

Single Class Weekday  $15

Single Class weekend  $30

10 Pack  $225

   • Can be used for weekday & weekend classes

     (not Premium classes)

   • RSVP for classes 7 days in advance

   • Valid Nov. 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023

Bike storage  $50/season




HR Strap  $40

Cadence Sensor  $30


New for 2022:


Bike Fit and Insole Seminars

John Huenink of BioMoto will offer advice on bike fit and positioning and the benefits of insoles. Dates and details to be announced in January.

Bike Maintenance Seminars

Routine bike maintenance and fix-a-flat seminars offered through PlayTri.

Social events

Events to be planned for after classes to support other downtown Hartland businesses.

Not Feeling well?  

PLEASE STAY HOME. We don't want anyone coming into the studio and getting everyone else sick.  We ask that you continue to wipe your own bike down after class.

please sign up as early as possible. IT helps with scheduling,coaches, and other studio needs.