2021-22 PRICING

Welcome to the Bicycle Barn!


2021/22 season dates:

NOVEMBER 1, 2021 - APRIL 29, 2022

Get to know the Bicycle Barn with our Free Trial – good for three classes during a one-week period. Click the button above to get started.

We are excited to have you back in the studio! Please review the policies below to ensure a smooth transition to your indoor riding.


We are pleased to announce that towel service will be back this season.  Should you wish to bring your own towel you are welcome to. If you would like more towels than are provided we ask that you bring those from home.



All fans will be back to help keep you cool and to help circulate air in the studio.



Not required.


Covid Symptoms  

STAY HOME, this is just like flu or anything else and we don't want anyone coming into the studio and getting everyone else sick.  We ask that you continue to wipe your own bike down after class.



Membership Packages



• Unlimited Riding + Premium Classes

• RSVP for classes 10 days in advance

• Bike Storage + Towel Service



• 2 Weekday / 1 Weekend Rides Per Week

• RSVP for classes 7 days in advance

• Bike Storage + Towel Service



• 2 Weekday Rides Per Week (No weekends)

• RSVP for classes 7 days in advance

• Bike Storage + Towel Service

Month to Month Membership


$90 per month

   • Includes 2 weekday classes + 1 weekend 

     (not Premium classes)

   • Includes bike storage + towel service

Drop-In Rates

Single Class Weekday  $15

Single Class weekend  $30

10 Pack  $225

   • Can be used for weekday & weekend classes

     (not Premium classes)

   • RSVP for classes 7 days in advance

   • Valid Nov. 1, 2021 through April 29, 2022

Bike storage  $50/season




HR Strap  $40

Cadence Sensor  $30